Want to visit New York City?

Good - we firmly believe that NYC can be a destination for more or less anyone that wants to go! That is why we've created NYC & Tours!

NYC & Tours is functioning as an online concierge platform with multilingual sightseeing.  We're assisting you by means of excellent New York City experts, tourists guides and other professionals. We know we can help make your New York City experience even more valuable by offering personalized itineraries, and carefully selecting the best experiences for you to enjoy. Only the best options are presented and we put continuously effort into working with the most amazing companies in New York City! We want tourists feel secure in our abilities to create and provide unique and individualized NYC experiences!

The founder of NYC & Tours is a former NYC tourist and fully understand the feelings starting from day-dreaming of NY, to planning the trip here and finally arriving in the City. These feelings and the excitement, the concerns, the joys, the questions are all a part of what drives NYC & Tours to wanting to be a part of your journey!
Our services spans from free informative articles and blogs, inspiring social media engagement to creation of personalized itineraries, meet & greets and sightseeing - always connecting you with the BEST the City has to offer!
We have the resources, the network, the understanding and the knowledge which drives our motivation to tailor our services and sightseeing opportunities to your needs - and in your preferred language! We are only working with people who are motivated by having a great deal of passion for New York City & our visitors! We also endeavor to benefit local, small businesses!

We really don't want to treat you just as another tourist, we actually view you as a potential new friend and we care about giving you real New York City experiences.

On behalf of NYC & Tours,

Maria-Leena Kerr

Founder, NYC Licensed tour guide &
member of the Guides Association of New York (GANYC)

Maria-Leena Kerr, CEO and founder of NYC & Tours, a native of Denmark, traveled to New York City the first time in 2006. She immediately fell in love with the city, and wanted to call the City her home. 13 trips later - she moved to the city and engolfed herself in formal education and gaining a wide-range knowledge and understanding of the history and culture of NYC. She holds a 2-year degree in International Hospitality and tourism management degree from Copenhagen Hospitality College, and a BA of Science in Tourism Entrepreneurship from City University of New York (CUNY).