Joju Báhn Mì – Vietnamese in Queens

Joju Bánh Mì - Vietnamese in Queens

written by Maria-Leena Kerr, owner and tour guide

While I'm enjoying my maternity leave I've had more time to exlore the new neighborhood I moved to. Elmhurst is so different from Forest Hills, where I lived before. And of course my tour guide brain is working full-power! A lot of you have enjoyed our "Taste of Queens" tour which is a longer tour. I was wondering whether to create a shorter 2-hr tour focused on one neighborhood and dare I say it; food? 🙂

While I'm contemplating that... I can tell you this much: I've already found my typical spot for american-chinese take-out, a typical american pizzaria with delicious potato pizzas, another chinese family style restaurant with a lot of interesting dishes where the "potato in spicy sauce" is a new obsession of mine. It's basically just raw potato strips in a pepper sauce. And it's so yummy!
But finally ... I ran into Joju Bánh Mì - A modern Vietnamese sandwich place on Broadway in Elmhurst.

It was one of those accidental things that happens. I just happened to be stopping by. They have a large selection of sandwiches, varieties of drinks and fries with different toppings. I chose a classic "báhn mì" sandwich with ham, cheese, daikon, cucumber, carrots and more. You decide how spicy you want it - and obviously I chose "More Spicy" with shiracha. Hey, shiracha is like ketchup when you're pregnant (at least it is for me)

It was just under $6 and oh, so delicious!😀

Until I may or may not create a new tour in Queens, I can recommend Noshwalks led by Myra Alperson, another NYC Licensed tour guide. Some of her delicious food tours go through Elmhurst, but she also has tours other places in NY and NJ. If you're interested, please check out her website: - you could tell her Maria from NYC & Tours sent you.

I see I can order online now from Joju, so I think I know where my lunch will be coming from.

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Joju Banh Mi menu Joju Bánh Mì menu Joju Bánh Mì Joju Bánh Mì

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