NYC on a budget: Museums

New York City doesn't have to break your budget. With careful planning and consideration you can enjoy many of NYC's attractions and sights with little to no pay.
We will occasionally blog about these "free things to do in New York" but let's start by sharing this:

Many, many museums have suggested admission or "pay-as-you-wish" entrances. That means, signs may state that admission is $25 however there will be an asterisk notification somewhere stating that this is suggested or encouraged. Don't feel bad if you want to pay less - or nothing! (but know that your contributions do benefit)

The places offering free or suggested admission includes; American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, Museum of the City of New York, Bronx Zoo, Guggenheim Museum, Jewish Museum, Museum of Modern Art, New York Botanical Garden and the Whitney Museum ... and many more!

Here's the complete list of places offering free or suggested admission:

NYC Free & Suggested Admission Venues list
American Folk Art Museum

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