ESTA – Visa Waiver Program

ESTA - Visa Waiver program

ESTA - Visa Waiver official website

If you are from one of 38 participating countries you may not need to apply for a non-immigrant visa in order to travel to America. Instead, you'll apply for an ESTA which is not a visa, but it is an electronic system for travel authorization which allows you the possibility of traveling and entering America.
ESTA, just like with any kind of visa does not guarentee you entrance to the country as it will be the border controls final decision. However, you are required to obtain the ESTA visa waiver prior to traveling to USA.

Filling out the application is relatively easy, and the website is translated into several languages. Be watchful that you are using the official website, which only charges you for the ESTA ($14/person) and not for the application process in itself (several hundreds). There are several sites out there trying to scam you to pay a lot of money for them to fill out the ESTA application. You do not need, nor should you use these pages.

The official site that you apply on is:

An ESTA - Visa Waiver is valid for 2 years and the cost of one is $14/person. The application has many steps, but do not fear them. It's straightforward. You do not have to bring a printed copy of the ESTA when you're traveling, but if you want to you can. The list of the participating countries are below.

For more information regarding the visa waiver program, and what you need to be aware of along with the participating countries you'll find on
U.S Visa - U.S Department of State's website

In some instances, even if you are a native of one of the countries participating in the ESTA - Visa Waiver program you may have to apply for a non-immigrant visa after all. Always refer to official government websites and local embassies.

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