Weather in New York

When is the best time to travel to New York? Do you want to spend the summer in New Yorks high humidity, or maybe wait until fall of winter? Maybe traveling to NYC during spring is more beautiful? There's plenty of reasons to consider the weather when you're planning your trip.

No matter what season you choose to travel you'll experience pros and cons with the weather. It's more expensive to travel during the summer holidays and around holidays. It can be really, really hot during the summer and for some almost unbearable to walk around a lot and experience things. On the other hand there are a lot of activities, many events and beautiful summer evenings to enjoy. And who knows, maybe it won't be too unbearable while you're here.

During winter, you may experience a lot of snow, ice and cold air. But it may be the perfect time to get a plane ticket and hotel as the prices and rates are lower. And, there's something magical about wandering the snowcovered Central Park, and drink hot cocoa at every corner café. There's also a lot of events around Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years that are interesting for visitors to experience - and might make your vacation even better.

The team at NYC & Tours thinks that every season brings a certain charm - And no matter when you choose to visit you can be sure that there'll be plenty of activities and fun things to experience in the best city on earth! Check out Time Out New York's 2016 Event Calender and remember that our guided tours and services are available to book year round! With correct clothing, attitude and great sense of humour you'll get the most out your visit no matter if you're planning a trip in the summer or winter. And we won't let the weather get in between us and you: Concierge services & Sightseeing