Private sightseeing tours

with tour guide that speaks your language!


Explore the borough we refer to as "The City", get behind the facades of the well-known and lesser-known buildings and enjoy the attractions in New York City, become familiar with the history of the city, enjoy our anecdotes and get in on the secrets our city holds. Let us take you to the "off-the-beaten-path" neighborhoods, or let us explain to you to the depths of popular places the way only an experienced, passionate tour guide can. There's so much more to Manhattan than Times Square and Central Park. Book a tour!


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Brooklyn's popping - maybe you don't get why, or maybe you just want to experience it for yourself. In that case, come with us and get first hand experience of the hype. Want to wander through Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, Greenpoint? Maybe you want see some of the less popular neighborhoods and pair it with rich history and good food. Have no clue what you want to experience, and want us to create a tour with focus on some of our favorite places in Brooklyn? Either way - we'll be sure to cook up something cool!


Oh wait! - do not forget about Queens, NYC's the largest borough! We've known for a long time Queens is special, and Lonely Planet confirms that by voting it "The #1 Travel Destination in the US i 2015". Don't believe them? Don't think a visit is worth your time? We say - let's prove you wrong! We love Queens for its diversity, the food, the sights and the people. Queens feels very "real" and we'd love to show you! So, allow us to introduce you to "the world!" - Queens, likely the most ethnically diverse urban place in the entire world!

Individualized tours

Group and Corporate Tours

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Don't let the idea of a group trip or corporate event get you overwhelmed! Let us take care of it! We know the city, we have a huge network of professionals in many different industries and we always do our very best to accommodate YOUR special needs and requests.

Let your group or corporate clients enjoy one of our wonderful sightseeing tours that's prepared to satisfy their interests. We work with the best sightseeing guides in New York City, and can offer assistance on getting tours in many different languages!

Customized Private Tours

We specializes in creating sightseeing tours that's tailor-made to fit your needs and interests. There's many things to see and do in NY, and we're sure you don't want to miss out on anything!

With us you'll get the history, the fun facts, our special anecdotes and introduction into places you likely wouldn't experienced on your own. We'll show you around in all five boroughs if you like that - we can spend a few hours with you or the whole day. There's almost no limits when it comes to customizing the right tour for you!