Design Your Own Tour

Williamsburg walking tourAn important part of traveling is to have unique experiences that you'll be able to treasure for a long time. They have to be exciting and if they fit exactly into your interests - then it's perfect!

A large part of what we specialize in - is exactly that - sightseeing tours that's customized, or tailor-made, to fit you and your travel companions needs and interests.

There's many things to see and do in NY, but with an experienced tour guide and NYC expert you'll be sure to not miss out on anything. You'll get the history, you'll get the interesting facts, you'll get the anecdotes and you will be introduced to areas and places you likely wouldn't experienced on your own. On top of all of this - you'll save TIME!

We'll show you around in all five boroughs if you like that - or we can focus on a specific area, a special theme or something completely different!

We can spend the entire day with you or just a few hours. There's really no limits to what kind of sightseeing tour we can create for and with you.

Here's some examples of customized tours we've done in the past: Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

2-hours "Upper-Upper Manhattan": Together with tourists that had already visited NY several times before, we decided to venture to the upper part of Manhattan. We went through neighborhoods where tourists don't usually go and we experienced a Manhattan with beautiful architecture and culture. The tourists expressed: "We can't believe this is how Upper Manhattan looks like. Wow!"

4-hours "Graffiti tour in Williamsburg and Long Island City": It was a birthday present for a 18-year old son, who at the end of the tour told us: "It didn't even feel like a tour. It felt just like hanging out with friends!" We ventured through the Jewish and the hip neighborhoods of Williamsburg in Brooklyn and ended up in the new cool 'hood of Long Island City in Queens.

6-hours "Mundane NYC tour": Nothing mundane about the tour, however that was the requested "theme" of the tour. We started out on the Upper West Side, went through Central Park to Harlem, through East Harlem where you can still get the sense of how NY must have felt in the 80s. We experienced the fancy Upper East Side before finishing off at Grand Central Terminal. The tourists proclaimed: "We would never had experienced so much during such a short period of time - especially not on our own!"

Read through our testimonials, and you'll get further insights into how we individualize our services and tours so that anyone - no matter age, language abilities or mobility can join and have a GREAT NYC experience!

Are you ready to plan YOUR OWN customized New York City experience with us?

Simply book using below book-button and calendar. Or, if you have specific dates, duration or other questions you like to discuss with us prior then contact us. We do advice to book at least three weeks in advance, and preferably longer during busy season or if you require a guide speaking a specific language.

Rates: 2 hours - $250, 4 hours - $400, 6 hours - $550, 8 hours - $700, 10 hours - $850